Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer most questions here, but if you have a different question, don't hesitate to contact us.


How long will my carpets take to dry?

Typically, for a heated house, we give a guide of 6-8 hours.  However, things like heating and the weather may need to be taken into consideration.  An unheated house in winter could take upto 24 hours.  However, many times, when finishing the cleaning of a house, the first carpets that were cleaned have already dried.  A heated house will help the carpet to dry quickly.


How long do I have to wait until I can walk on my carpet?

You don't have to!  You can walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning, just be aware that if you have anything on the bottom of your shoe / foot it is more liable to come off whilst the carpet is damp.  Ideally the carpet would be left to dry without walking on it, but as long as you're careful, it's not a problem if you need to.


We have a dehumidifier, should we use it once you've finished?

Absolutely!  It will help remove some of the moisture in the air and therefore aid the drying of your carpet.


Why don't you 'dry clean' carpets?

We looked into buying equipment that would dry clean and therefore need no drying time at all.  We found out that many of the customers who had had their carpets cleaned with this type of machine had complained of stains and marks 'reappearing' a few days later.  To that end, we decided to stay with the traditional wet clean, with which we are comfortable we are going to be happy with the end result.


Do you move furniture, or just go round it?

That is completely up to you!  We are more than happy to move sofas, beds, tables etc to clean underneath.  We will also move them back once the underneath has been cleaned.  Some of our regular customers don't want us to move some things, as "it's always been there, so it isn't dirty underneath."  We are happy either way, and will do whatever suits you best.  Please note, very expensive items, or items of sentimental value, such as grandfather clocks should be moved professionally.  We would rather not risk breaking something that has value, and we're sure you feel the same!


Can you 'Scotch Guard' our carpets?

Of course!  We can protect your carpets without a huge added cost.  We only charge for the cost of the protection, we don't charge a penny for the application itself.


Can you guarantee our carpets will look like new?

At ACS we are completely honest.  We never make unrealistic promises like this.  However, we will promise that your carpet will look as good as is possible on an individual basis.  Unfortunately, some marks and stains may be permanent, depending on things such as what the stain is made from, and how long it has been there.  Although we never promise to make a carpet look like new, we are delighted with the amount of times this has been used to describe our work!


What can't you clean?

We can't clean velvet, seagrass or sisal.  Unfortunately, the way in which our equipment works means that we would stain these materials beyond repair. 


Can you get rid of chewing gum?  Rust?  Wine?  Blackcurrant?  Coffee?!

Chewing gum and rust are quite simple to remove and could have been there for years and not cause too much of a problem.  Red wine, coffee and blackcurrant juice are potentially permanent stains.  Although some will come up very easily, others may not.  They need to be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent them from causing permanent stains.


My carpet is in a strange place...

No problem!  We can clean cars, motorhomes, even speedboats!  As long as we can get to it, and have a source of power within 30 metres, we're happy to clean it. 



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